every where and at any time

Thanks to the HTML5 zero footprint technology
it is possible to access images
with the best performances, from every connected device.

and you?


We are ready for the cloud

Thanks to our pure cloud technology
it is possible to use ZeeroMED platform
on a Cloud infrastructure
with pay-per-use model

Improved user experience

The interfaces have been designed to drive users
in a clear and optimal way.
Patient data are clearly highlighted and always accessible

Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere

The ZeeroMED Solution


The RIS-PACS web-based & zero footprint & Cloud-Ready solution!

The ZeeroMED suite is a fully integrated RIS ( Radiology Information System ) and PACS ( Picture Archiving and Communication System ) platform that allows the complete management of workflows within a healthcare facility and, in particular, a radiology department.
It has been developed using high-end innovative technologies while offering simple and clear interfaces, in order to become the most efficient tool for every healthcare professional.

ZeeroMED is the true scalable solution for any type of healthcare facility, from the diagnostic centres to the hospitals and the nursing homes. Developed with web-based technology, ZeeroMED is a “zero footprint” solution and thus accessible through every internet browser without any client-side installation. This allows using of existing PC workstations and reducing of hardware, installation and maintenance costs.

The ZeeroMED suite is designed to make it easier for the various healthcare providers to work, from the booking and the patient acceptance by the secretary personnel, to the doctor’s report. To make the operators activity simpler means greater productivity for the whole healthcare facility.

The ZeeroMED suite is designed and developed to allow the user to have a clear and quick vision of the patient, both from the diagnostic point of view (previous exams and reports) and from the accounting point of view (invoices and payments).

Optimal user experience

The ZeeroMED Suite provides a complete insight into patient-related information, from the clinical and administrative point of view. Thanks to the easy-to-use interface, every information is a couple of clicks away.


Free text report

Diagnostic Tools


Patient Clinical History

Innovative HTML5 & zeero footprint viewer

Exam Information

Key images

Structured reporting

Voice Recognition integrated



Thanks to the innovative HTML5 & zero footprint technology, you can benefit the ZeeroMED suite directly from Cloud in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode, with a convenient pay-per-use model that includes software and IT infrastructure (servers, storage, backup). In this way, a RIS-PACS project can be started in the shortest possible time and without any hardware & software prior investments, taking advantage of the innovative and highly scalable technology.


The ZeeroMED suite can also be delivered with the traditional approach (i.e., on a server or VM), and installed directly at the healthcare facility. Through the zero-footprint HTML5 technology, you can access the suite from any client PC on the LAN or WAN network, providing real-time access to imaging and clinical information of the patient. This approach is the perfect solution for facilities already equipped with their own IT infrastructure.

Why choosing ZeeroMED?

The ZeeroMED suite is a innovative and multi-discipline solution. It lets to manage the overall workflow not exclusively in radiology department.


ECGs, holters, stress tests, echographies and angiograms are managed in a single system and with a single viewer. Thanks to the natively integration with PACS and Universal Viewer, it’s possible to manage the whole cardiological workflow, from the booking and the check-in to the reporting and an easy and optimized
distribution to the patient.




Distributed management systems and paperless workflow for the breast screening activity. Optimization of first and second level flows, as well as the whole process of double-blind reporting. Moreover it’s rich in functionalities and data mining interfaces focused on breast workflow. The integration with O3 Enterprise HTML5 viewer offer a unique ecosystem for screening management, especially in a geographically distributed environment.


ZeeroMED offers tools for viewing Anatomo Pathology images. Browsing among different zoom levels and interacting with the images becomes quick and above all there’s no need to be physically in the lab.The integration with post processing modules, let to optimize the reporting process even in the most complex and time consuming cases.




ZeeroMED has been developed for being used in the surgery domain. It offers a system for saving and processing images and video clips from OR integration system or directly from the devices.
Physicians will be able to review the exam, edit the acquired material creating new images or video clips in order to finalize everything and save locally or in a central repository.



Who we are

ZeeroMED is an innovative digital healthcare project, fully developed in Italy by:

O3 Enterprise

O3 ENTERPRISE SRL was founded in 2008 as a spin-off at the University of Trieste (Bioengineering and ICT Research Group) and it is specialized in the development of medical image management software. O3 Enterprise believes in open and standard solutions as means to foster integration, transparency and collaboration. O3 Enterprise is pushing Saas and Cloud models which will be the core for the Healthcare 4.0.
O3 Enterprise is a ISO 13485 company and its products have CE (Europe) and Anvisa (Brasil) certifications.

Tel: +39-040-9890750 | www.o3enterprise.com
Area Science Park, Padriciano 99 | 34149 | Trieste (TS) | Italy
VAT Number: IT01137150320
Share capital: € 140.000 fully paid-up