Casa della Salute Case Study for Google Cloud

Casa della Salute: More securely accessing and viewing medical images anytime, anywhere

Until recently, each of Casa della Salute’s four diagnostic clinics had its own medical imaging Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) and related storage. Managing the different systems was complex and exchanging medical images, such as X-rays, between sites required many manual steps. This setup could make it challenging to provide patients with rapid, quality care. For example, radiologists couldn’t easily share medical images with physicians or other radiologists, so obtaining a second opinion on a patient’s medical image could take a day or longer.

Google Cloud Results

  • Enables diagnostic viewing and reporting from any browser in any clinic
  • Reduces time spent obtaining medical images, helping staff be more productive
  • Provides better patient care and treatment outcomes
  • Scales easily to meet organization’s growing storage and resource needs


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